Digging in the dirt

does anybody else think that peter gabriel now looks eerily like anton lavey, founder of the church of satan?

i was looking for images of both men so i could prove it, but i found myself getting sucked in by websites about anton lavey, so i figured i'd just let it go. but believe me, it's like peter gabriel has tired of being "that 'sledgehammer' guy" and has decided to go all evil and stuff.

remember several months ago, when i said that i shouldn't answer my phone at home during the day to avoid getting called in to work? well, i didn't listen to myself, and i had to go in to work yesterday, despite all my plans to go car shopping. as i'm sure you can imagine, i spent the entire day doing as little as possible and complaining a lot.

i think that all that complaining, along with my incessant talking about needing to get a new car, has really pissed off my co-workers. they say it hasn't, but i know they're all about to crack.

two other quick things to report. my parents have graciously offered to help out with a down payment on the car, which will make the shopping easier. the other bit of news is that i'm kicking ass in my business class. kicking ass.