I don't want to talk about it

quick update, as i need to go to bed.

still no car, as whatever higher power may be out there seems to be set against me having a new car. loan applications denied, cars that appear dreamy turn out to be nightmarish, phone calls at odd times from car salesmen i stupidly trusted with my phone number, etc., etc.

i must admit that i have driven the old car much more than i should, considering how i legally shouldn't. but that will now end, since the brakes are pretty much completely shot. what does that mean? it means that if i want to stop, the brake pedal goes to the floor.

i've been sick for the past few days. i'm never good at figuring out what illness i actually have, so i'll say that it's something between the flu and a cold. i think i'm at the tail end of it, but the last time i said that, i remained a sniffling and sneezing fool for another week, so i'll just say that i'm still sick.

being sick has resulted in my becoming a typhoid mary of sorts. i'm probably responsible for one co-worker and one roommate becoming sick.

has being sick prevented me from going to work? of course not.

one nice thing is that the weather has been gorgeous for the past couple of days. absolutely gorgeous.

i got my hands on a copy of beck's new album, and it's quite enjoyable.