How weird is that?

this day has not gone well so far. one, i misunderstood the confusing central and forsyth bus situation, and ended up missing two busses (that still looks like it's spelled wrong, but merriam-webster maintains that it's right, so i'll leave it) to school. so i missed a test--not as big a deal as you might think, since the lowest test grade gets thrown out. but still, it was and is disconcerting, and i really don't like sitting at the bus stop for an hour looking at line numbers and suffering a seemingly constant letdown as the wrong numbers show up.

and second, i may have inadvertently gotten someone at work fired, thanks to my stupid need to have things to talk about. basically, this guy (an assistant manager) gave me a key to lock up the store on a couple of occasions, which everyone knows is not really appropriate. i had no problem doing this, though, and i kept my mouth shut about it. then he was gone. i assumed he was fired (as that's what the rumors were saying), so during a lull in conversation with my supervisor, i brought it up.

well, he hadn't been fired--just transferred to a different store. my supervisor told the manager, who told the sales manager, who called me this morning (doesn't he realize that not only was this my day off, but when i do work, it's at night? why the hell is he calling me at 10:00 am?!?) to confirm the story. so i think this guy's going to get canned, and it's all my fault.

i feel like an ass.

on a completely different note, here's some random news:

i bought hayden, moving careful on my way home from not being able to go to school. i was going to buy the live album, but i didn't have enough money, and there was a used copy of this (out of print?) ep, so i picked it up. the version of "stride" isn't as good as the one on the closer i get, but it's still a fine ep, and one i should have gotten a while ago.

i'm going to a press screening of bowling for columbine this evening. i did not know that the world was so divided on michael moore's work--the comments on the page linked in the last sentence are either really positive or really negative. i land on the positive side, by the way.

from pitchfork: tim kinsella is starting yet another band. that makes, like, fifteen thousand for him, so this shouldn't be a big deal. but it is, because one of the folks in the band is not someone from cap'n jazz, but is chris connelly. the chris connelly, who has graced cds by ministry, the revolting cocks, pigface, and apparently is on a kmfdm album as well. this news makes my mind reel at the realization that i can now link the promise ring to the group that gave us "eat shit, you fucking redneck" (using the bastardized six degrees of separation game that i play with myself sometimes) without any problem at all. in fact, it's downright easy:

davey vonbohlen was (since they apparently just broke up) in the promise ring.

davey was in cap'n jazz with tim kinsella.

tim kinsella will be in everyone with chris connelly.

chris connelly was in pigface.

that's just not right.

4ad has finally made a band page for the mountain goats and his/their new album. three things about this:

check out the cover art for the new album:

if that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb compared to past mountain goats covers, i don't know what will. but it's pretty cool-looking.

i'm not sure what to think about the song "tallahassee" yet, but "no children" is knocking my socks off as we speak (there are real audio and mp3--respecively--samples of each on the 4ad site). love it.

release date for tallahassee: 5 november. i'm so there.

update on the possibly-getting-a-co-worker-fired thing: i talked to the sales manager again about a half hour ago, and from what i can gather, this guy might not get fired. i hope not...he's got a kid. i'd feel too guilty.