Plagiarism and love

first off, you should go visit sonya at her new, banner-ad-free niche in the web. she is part of the immortal triad of dental work sufferers (along with me and sarah, but you knew that already, because we complain more than sonya does).

and now, since i have a day off and very little to do or think about because i'm pretty sure my dad has bailed me out of the car situation (unless he's continuing to mess with my head--i'm keeping it vague until it's finalized), i am going to steal an idea from amber and speak of musical memories.

you see, she has another contest. this contest involves musical memories. i have many musical memories, but very few of them would actually create a story worthy of 500 words and a submission. but just for the sake of making a quality post, i include a couple here:

august 1993: i go to my first concert ever, the mighty mighty bosstones, at bogart's in cincinnati. i go up front immediately, but retreat to the back of the club in the middle of "don't know how to party" after a skinhead kicks me in the kneecap. it hurt. a lot.

sometime in the late 80s, i think: i hear the beach boys' "kokomo" on a tape my older brother made of songs off the radio. i think it's among the most sexually suggestive songs ever written.

also sometime in the late 80s: my brothers and i are sitting around, listening to a tape of elton john's greatest hits. during "don't let the sun go down on me," my younger brother gets up to leave. as he's walking out, my older brother and i both sing "close the door" in time with the lyrics of the song. my younger brother says "okay, okay," and shuts the door as he leaves. we laugh about this for a long time, until it's replaced by the "so barney, hear you're kicking ass" line from the simpsons.

september 1993: i convince my mom that i should be allowed to skip marching band on a friday, because it's my birthday and they might be giants are playing in cincinnati. my brother, who drives us down there, gets in a minor car accident on the way down there. the accident occurs while we are listening to a they might be giants tape, specifically the song "kiss me, son of god." the rule is then put into effect that one is not allowed to listen to the band you are about to see live while driving to see that band live. that rule has been in effect ever since.

summer 2002: i realize that madonna made a controversial video for "justify my love" to make up for the fact that the song is, in fact, the most boring madonna song ever made.

december 1997: i am sitting in a denny's restaurant somewhere in illinois near chicago, returning from my grandfather's funeral in his car. "a long december", by the counting crows, comes on the restaurant's muzak. i begin crying. in the middle of a denny's restaurant.

amber's right. i do need to point out, though, that i have about a billion of these that reference one girl or another. that's both comforting and depressing.